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If you are like so many other homeowners in Nevada, your home is underwater and you are unable to make your mortgage payments without going broke. You may have tried to refinance, tried a loan modification, or tried some other measures to protect your home, your finances, and your dignity.  Even if none of those avenues have worked out, there still may be a good option that will allow you to get out from under your Nevada home and mortgage - an option that can enable you to move forward.  With this option, you can repair your credit faster and purchase a new home more quickly!

Homeowner Relief Lawyers, LLC is dedicated to assisting homeowners in facilitating a short sale of their underwater homes in Nevada - and particularly in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas! A successful short sale will enable you to sell your home, rather than let it go into foreclosure and ruin your credit and prospects for being able to purchase another home anytime in the future. Through the short sale process we may also be able to negotiate a deficiency waiver from the bank and enable you to move on with no remaining mortgage debt to worry about and no future lawsuit against you to recover the unpaid balance. 

No matter the circumstances, we will treat you with respect. We will give you an honest evaluation and then let you make the decision on whether to retain our services. We have experienced attorneys and processors who are able to give effective and dedicated representation to see your case successfully through to closing. 

Our fees are very reasonable with several options available. We offer a free no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys who will be able to assess your situation and help you determine if a short sale would be the right option for you. 
Give us a call or send an online contact request today to schedule your free consultation and case assessment!

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  Short Sale At A Glance
  This is an actual sampling of our files!

 Address Lender Savings/
Deficiency Waived?
Las Vegas 89148
Greentree  $119,283.93 YES 
Henderson 89052
Residential Credit $242,364.30 YES 
Las Vegas 89131 Regions Mortgage  $69,020.97 YES
Las Vegas 89128 Wells Fargo $104,584.43 YES
N Las Vegas 89031 CITI $117,030.66 YES
Las Vegas 89121 B of A $273,723.27 YES
N Las Vegas 89031 SSSCU $203,540.83 YES
Henderson 89015 Seterus/LRC         $165,353.94 YES
N Las Vegas 89086 Seterus $171,134.39 YES
Henderson 89002 OneWest $137,248.40 YES
N Las Vegas 89031 CitiMortgage $123,653.88 YES

Percentage of Deficiencies waived                                          98%